Ortho K in 3 Easy Steps

Ortho K is a safe, non-surgical treatment that uses precise, specially shaped contact lenses to treat many common eye conditions.



If you are myopic (short-sighted), the lenses will gently flatten the central cornea and steepen the peripheral cornea in order to correct the refraction.



If you are presbyopic (blurred near-vision), the lenses work by steepening the central cornea and flattening the peripheral cornea



If you are hyperopic (long-sighted), the lenses will gently steepen the central cornea and flatten the peripheral cornea in order to correct the refraction.



If you are astigmatic (deviation of spherical curvature), the bespoke, toric Ortho K lenses can be designed to correct vision distortion in vertical and horizontal directions.




Your journey to becoming free from glasses or daytime contact lenses starts with a consultation with one of our optometrists.

During this Ortho K appointment we use state of the art Corneal Topography (mapping) technology to measure the exact shape of your cornea.

By mapping the surface of your eye, we can then tailor the Ortho K lens specifically for you, creating a bespoke lens which will gently reshape the cornea with the aim of achieving maximum improvement of your vision.

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With Ortho K you don’t need to wear glasses or daytime contact lenses.

All that is required is a good night’s sleep while wearing your lenses and your vision will be clear due to the reshaping of your cornea by the Ortho K Lenses.

This is why we say sleep to see!

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03 SEE

Ortho K lenses improve your vision after first night of wear.

During the first week that you wear your lenses you will notice the quality of your vision improving as the quantity of correction increases.

By the first week your vision will have improved significantly (around 50-70% correction) and, in many cases, perfect or near perfect vision is achievable by the first or second week.

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