Most Common Eye Conditions Treated

Most Common Eye Conditions Treated

The Ortho K Group use a variety of methods, prime of which are our orthokeratology lenses, to treat numerous common eye conditions. The most common eye condition we treat is myopia, or short-sightedness. In addition to this, we also treat squint, astigmatism, amblyopia/lazy eye and long-sightedness among children and adults.

When used for myopia, ortho k lenses will gently flatten the centre of the cornea and steepen the periphery of the cornea, thereby correcting refraction.

In case of hyperopia or presbyopia (long-sightedness), the lenses are reversed to flatten the periphery and steepen the central cornea.

Those with astigmatism may also find ortho k lenses to be suitable for their needs, with our bespoke ortho k lenses being able to correct vision distortion in vertical and horizontal directions.

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