Ortho K Hyperopia Treatment

While Ortho K is well-known for its ability to correct myopia, it can be just as effective for hyperopia or long-sightedness. Melbourne relies on the Ortho K Group for Ortho K hyperopia treatment – keep reading to find out why!

What is Hyperopia

Hyperopia is a refractive error, meaning the eye is not able to bend or refract light properly to see images clearly. This means that while distant objects may look somewhat clear, close objects will be blurry.

Often, people with hyperopia will be dependent on reading glasses, although this can be difficult for people with active lifestyles or children who may forget or lose their glasses.

If individuals with hyperopia do not wear their glasses as needed, they could experience headaches and eyestrain, making them reliant on their glasses.

Our Alternative

At the Ortho K Group, we have extensive experience in designing and providing Ortho K for hyperopia, with the lenses working to flatten the periphery of the cornea and steepen the central cornea. Simply wear the Ortho K lenses at night to enjoy improved vision for the next day, with perfect or near perfect vision being possible by the first or second week.

With Ortho K for hyperopia, you can free yourself from having to wear glasses every time you wish to read, work on the computer or do other similar tasks. Instead, all it takes is wearing a specially-designed, comfortable lens while you sleep to enjoy improved vision in the morning!

Contact the Ortho K Group to discuss tailored Ortho K for your hyperopia.