Ortho K Treatment For Kids

The optometrists at Ortho K Group have extensive experience in providing Ortho K lenses to children who are experiencing issues such as myopia or astigmatism.

After your child undergoes an eye test, our optometrists can determine whether Ortho K will be suitable. Getting Ortho K lenses begins with measuring the cornea with Corneal Topography technology (a comfortable process even for children) with a customised lens then being created using this mapped data.

Your child will then need to wear the Ortho K lenses during the night to gently reshape their cornea while they sleep. After just one night of wear, your child’s vision will begin to improve. In many cases, perfect or near perfect vision can be achieved by the first or second week.

Our Ortho K for kids allows them to enjoy their childhood without having to wear uncomfortable contact lenses or bulky glasses that they might lose or damage. With Ortho K lenses, your child can continue to be a kid!

Ortho K is especially effective for controlling myopia, preventing your child’s vision from deteriorating as they grow. With our child myopia treatment, Melbourne parents can ensure the progression of their child’s myopia is slowed down.

Safety First

At Ortho K Group, we understand that every parent’s primary concern is the safety of their child. Thankfully, you can rest assured that orthokeratology lenses are very safe, with serious problems usually only arising from improper lens care or poorly fitted lenses. To ensure that your child’s Ortho K treatment is safe and comfortable, always follow the advice of your optometrist.